Anthony Wayne
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Anthony Wayne
LOCATION: Western Lake Erie off Vermilion, Ohio, USA
LIES: Upright on mud bottom. 
CONDITION: Amidships and Bow exposed.
DEPTH: 50' [15m]
TYPE: Sidewheel Steamer
BUILT: 1837 at Perrysburg, Ohio USA.
LOST: Both Boilers exploded in the midnight hour of April 28, 1850. Up to 50-60 Souls Lost.
CARGO: Passengers, General Goods
DIMENSIONS: 155' [47m] Length x 27'-4" [8m] beam x 10' [3m] .
This fabled shipwreck was recently relocated thanks to two separate, diligent efforts made by Tom Kowalczk ensued by Mike & Georgann Wachter.
I extend my admiration to both parties, as well as, especial gratitude the Wachter's for the opportunity to explore this fabulous piece of history.  
The majority of the ship is buried beneath the bottom. Very light zebra mussel infestation. The upright sidewheels with shaft and drive linkage, located amidships, offer the most relief and are relatively intact. Only the very top of the engine appears to be exposed.  An approximately 70 ft [21m] sojourn aft of the paddle wheels revealed no relief. At the bow (a barren ~60 ft [18 m] swim south of the paddlewheels), framing rises ~4 ft [1m] above the bottom. An anchor stock with shackle and chain protrudes from the starboard side. A small section of anchor stock protrudes from the bottom on the port side. An extremely interesting site. Dive Stats Sunday 10/14/07: Visibility a "foggy" 6 feet [2m], Bottom Temperature 63 F [17 C], U/W Time: Bottom 65 min/Total 70 min. Topside: Sunny, Waves 4 to 5 feet subsiding to 1 foot.

See Links for additional information:

Rough Layout of Site by Jack Papes.
A Rough Layout of the Site. Sidewheels are less intact than indicated.
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