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"Jug Wreck" (probably the Ivanhoe)
LOCATION: Western Lake Erie 3.7 miles [6km] off Avon Lake, Ohio, USA
LIES: Upright on mud bottom. 
CONDITION: Amidships Intact, collapsed at bow stern.
DEPTH: 54' [16m]
TYPE: Schooner
BUILT: 1848 at Irving, NY, USA.
LOST: Collision with the schooner Arab October 4, 1855
DIMENSIONS: 110' [33m] Length x 25'-9" [8m] beam x 9'-3" [3m]

Currently the summer of 2007, this site is being surveyed by the Maritime Archeological Survey Team, MAST.
The bow is collapsed and buried beneath the bottom. Highlights here include, the samson post, a very large pawl bit, which extends 10 ft [3m] above the bottom, and the windlass. Currently a mooring is secured at mid ship. Huge timbers frame the centerboard. Deck beams are at 50 ft. The planking is mostly missing. Port and starboard railings are intact. Coal is abundant everywhere. Aft the centerboard box, a large section of the ship is collapsed and buried, leaving a 20 ft [6 m] gap of seemingly shipwreck-less bottom. The transom and upright rudder post remain intact here. The rudder is steered to starboard and buried. Although the site appears to have been relieved of its artifacts by preceding generations, enough structure remains to make this a very interesting site. It is my experience that the visibility here ranges between 2 ft [1m] and 8 ft [3m].

A Rough Drawing of the Site by Jack Papes
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