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A Rough Site Plan by Jack Papes.
A Rough Site Plan by Jack Papes.

John J. Audubon
LOCATION: Lake Huron. ~6 mi [10 km] off Presque Isle Harbor, MI, USA

DIVE CHARTER: Great Lakes Dive Charters.

LIES: Upright on hard bottom.

CONDITION: Bow broken. Masts Down. Otherwise intact.

DEPTH: 140-160' [43-49m]

TYPE: Brig, 370 Tons

BUILT: at Cleveland 1854

LOST: Bound from Buffalo for Chicago Carrying Railroad Iron. Reportedly "Struck in darkness by Detroit-Buffalo Bound Schooner Defiance on October 20, 1854". Both vessels sank. 
Train Rails in the Cargo Hold. Photo by Jack Papes
CARGO: Train Rails


Diver Examines the Rudder at Intact Stern. Photo by Jack Papes
The tiller fits a ship built on the lakes in this era, and the cargo is definitely train rails. They litter the deck, bottom, and cargo hold. The stern is completely intact. She is split open at the bow --Split at the Bow interesting considering she was reportedly "rammed" (although contact with the bottom could explain this). Another strange compliment to this tiller steered vessel is the ships wheel located up against the starboard rail -- your guess is as good as mine. Thanks to the virtues of our diving predecessors, another fine, unpilfered dive site. 


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