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A Rough Site Plan by Jack Papes.
A Rough Site Plan by Jack Papes.

LOCATION: Lake Huron. ~6 mi [10 km] off Presque Isle Harbor, MI, USA

DIVE CHARTER: Great Lakes Dive Charters.

LIES: Upright on hard bottom.

CONDITION: Stern Sheared of and Collapsed on the Bottom. Otherwise intact.

DEPTH: 180'-220' [54-67m]

TYPE: Wooded Steam Propeller

BUILT: at Buffalo, NY 1889

LOST: On May 21, 1897, Collided with the steamer GEORGE W. ROBY in a dense fog. Sank in 12 minutes. ROBY picked up her crew. Florida was one of the largest boats on the lakes at the time of the accident. 
CARGO: General Merchandise. 

DIMENSIONS: 271' [83m] x 40' [12m] x 15' [5m]

This very large wooden steamer sits well off of the bottom. A view of the bowBow of the Florida. Photo by Jack Papes looking aft provides a good perspective of the magnitude of this spectacular dive site. The ships name appears clearly on the forward capstan. Opportunity for exploration lies everywhere. Numerous artifacts are located in the large cargo holds, including numerous crates, barrels, and hand carts for moving said. The stern structure forward of the collapse is intact. A fire ax remains cradled in its wall hangers here. Swimming aft of the stern structure, the stern has sheared off cleanly and collapsedLooking Forward at Stern Cross Section. Photo by Jack Papes on the bottom a good 30' [9m] below the main deck. The Engine of the Florida. Photo by Jack Papesmassive engine lies amongst the tangled wreckage. Making the turn here, looking forward, provides an awesome view of the cross section of the ship. One could dedicate an entire week diving this ship. Another gem. 

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